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Marvel Hero Mashup! (can’t find the credit for this. any help would be awesome) Scarlet Hawk, Steel Storm, Ironlocke, The Rogue Magnet, The White Prince, Marvelrine, Captain Magik and Dazzle

Chris Samnee Nightcrawler 1 Variant

Bruce Timm’s Jean Greys. 


Character: Asgardian! Storm

Series: Marvel Comics


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2004 - 2014

Oh hey Firestar. Welcome back! Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness . Amazing X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 Variant by Mark Brooks  New creative team! I’m nervous because this book has been such a staple. Hard act to follow.

Age of X Cyclops aka Basilisk by Clay Mann

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Wolverine and the Xmen #42  Nick Bradshaw

Chris Samnee Wolverine Kitty Goes HAM on that scratch post.

Storm by Xavier Payne